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We work with a total of 12 platforms & we have specialists in each to advise our clients on the best & proven methodologies in each.

Our platforms of service are - Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, Text, Email, Tiktok, Pinterest & Etsy

You're just one click away. You could just call us, and if you love to be on a schedule, you could right away book your dates for us, on our calendar because at the end it's what you want to do as our first.

We come at our most affordable. Working with a young, creative bunch of entrepreneurs, we happen to provide the top notch of services, based on the market at a very reasonable price. Initial Investments are always worth it at the end of the day, don't you think?

Metamash has never sectioned out it's clients. We work with upcoming brands and help renovate brands that needs their story revised and reviewed. We believe innovation and creativity.

We do our weekly reviews and reports, presenting work on a very regular basis. We are fond of keeping in touch with our clients, and since we believe in working along with our clients' idea books, we help fill in your colours

The Metamash team works on a very open feedback basis. We think it's very important to get a very frank opinion, rather than pacifying the actual anxious situation. At the very end, it's all about the sheer satisfaction of both the provider and the user, and we believe that start with feedbacks


We follow a hybrid agency model with long term partnerships in mind. In this model, we're rewarded based on our performance. This incentive based model allows us to work as hard as our clients, if not more. Hence, we're selective about whom we onboard and give a 110% day & night.

Along with using our key experience in the digital space, we partner with industry veterans and have a vast advisory network of current & senior advertisers to derive the best working process. The time we dont know, a top expert is just an introduction away and our network is well connected.

Through experience, we use in-house frameworks that we apply during our online bootcamps & post any project we structurally conduct a case study to look for optimisations. Every industry is unique & we have processes in place to allocate only the experienced towards a client from an industry.


A very fair question, at the right point in time. We think all you have to do is give us an access to your idea books and the rest should be ours to do. 

You happen to be our first priority, and when you insist, yes, then so be it. We believe the more you stay connected to the team you happen to work with, better would be the progress and the outcome, and that is very important for the both parties

No we do not outsource. We only have employees and contractors who work exclusively for us bounded by strong contracts & have a high focus on quality improvment & successful delivery

The Industry has been on a rapid surge in the last 3 years, and the demands has been increasing likewise. Most agencies are trying their best to meet the customer needs and satisfaction, but the sad reality happens to be the template ways of handling their projects. Having to meet deadlines, most agencies simply use common templates to push their way, but this is something Metamash has been taking utmost precautions over, and treating every project as an individual resulting in originality and innovation

Having to meet their limits, most agencies try to push a project the faster they can. At some point in time they stop treating this project as their utmost and they just want to convince into selling the project, which is when the campaign runs cold. Early signs of this could be when you are convinced off of their ideas, during the implementation process

This happens to be a very common query. It is important that as the client, have the right to understand every process. Investments are really important, and questioning them cannot be wrong. At Metamash, we believe everything must happen under consent and we respect that.

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